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Major Zero: What the hell happened?
Para-Medic: Snake died by a crab.
Major Zero: What did he use against it?
Para-Medic: His Knife.
Major Zero: Wouldn't it have been more wise to use his gun?

Ahh... nostalgia at it's best, this was the first flash animation i ever watched offa this site, back when I was in like 3rd grade, he showed me this, and i was hooked. I love flash, and this earns an automatic 5 Stars for being the first flash i ever saw.

It's Okay, sorta.
It's Funny, sorta.

I wouldn't have stood there every time. If it was Halo Custom Edition (not my server). I would have started to fight back, once I'd killed him, I (and whoever else on that team) would start to just spawn kill him 'til he leaves! LOL

Well even then, nobody tolerates TK-ing on Halo servers at all anymore, so most have TK-ing set as autokick\ban.

If it was my server, I'd reason with the person. If that fails? Kick. If he returns? Ban.

Please don't delete this comment.

Still funny to hear a nerd rage at a troll.

Was I the only one expecting The Chief to take Link's Ocarina and go through an insane adventure through time, trying to get back home?

Best ending to anything ever created by man. Also, I somehow knew before watching this, that Omega was going to get killed. Also I wonder the same thing darkboy14 does, are you thinking of making a new series?

Awesome animation, surely the best I've seen in a while.

It's been 3 years since this was originally uploaded, what happened to madness portal 2??

This was in, all cases, a hell of alot funny. But what the hell man! It's been 7 years since this was posted, "Yoshi Halo Part 2 coming soon." Look, if you won't continue it, I will. Who would like me to continue the Yoshi Halo thing?

Edit 1/14/19:
Oh younger me, don't promise on something you haven't the skill to deliver.


Being a HUGE Klonoa fan, I love this. And for being the ONLY sole single Klonoa flash on newgrounds...Bravo, sir! Bravo!

There should be a sequel to this

Call It Desktop Stripper 2: The Ghost Of The Stripper And Her Son.

In it: Desktop Stripper returns as a ghost alongside her son to haunt him.

Ok so...

Razoric, If you can make a flash movie (this movie) then could you turn it into a downloadable game compatible with:

Single Player


I think it would be awesome.


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